Lerloy Tweezer 61. Pack of 12


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  • Material: Lerloy Tweezer 61 Made from a Celcon copolymer formula with angled tips.
  • Uses: Larger diameter wafers.
  • Colors May Vary
Maximum Temperature

175 F


Larger Diameter wafers


4-5/8 " X 7/16 " tapering down to .007 " X 9/32 at tip.

Static charge half-life

less than 20 seconds (@ 6000VDC, 23°, 50% rel. humidity)



Copolymer Tweezers

Lerloy tweezers are made from specially selected copolymers formulated to provide the physical, electrical, and chemical characteristics demanded by the industry. Such characteristics can include high tensile strength, anti-static materials, chemical and/or electrical resistance, and high thermal utility.

All copolymer tweezers are acid-resistant, non-magnetic, and non-absorbent with a gentle, positive grip. Easy to clean, heat and acid resistant, non-absorbent, weighs a fraction of an ounce.


lectronics, instrumentation, laboratories, watchmakers, stamp collectors, computer chips, delicate wafers
Resist virtually any commercial solvents, including nitric acid, Aqua-Regia (nitro-hydrochloric acid), acetic acid, acetone, alcohol, etc

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