Force Gage .030


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  • Force gage Model #-030
  • features: a 16 GA.
  • Deutsch Contact.

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Connector contact Retention Force Gages with and adjustment feature which prolongs the useful life to approximately 50 times that of non-adjustable gages.

The Pull force is 94.7/99.5 Grams, or 3.34/3.51 ounces. The Gage Pin diameter of this Model is 0.0615, and the colors are Blue and Blue Connector


Check engagement and separation force of socket () type electrical connector contacts This be done with dead weight or other type of gages.

Non-Custom Uses:

Suitable for testing 8,10,12,16 and 20 ga:
Bendix Contacts
Deutsch Contacts

Custom Specifications

  • Type of contacts used – Compression force (gr. Or oz)
  • Material (steel or tungsten carbide)
  • Pin diameter
  • Retention Force Gages
  • Used to check engagement and separation force of socket
  • (female) type electrician contacts

Important Feature

Important Feature
The spring tension adjustment plug A provides precise
calibration of pull force and allows re-adjustment to
compensate for reduction in spring force as a result of extended

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