Who We Are

We are a company built on 50 years of good products and constant effort for excellence in service.While always working on a new generation of extended lines we are dedicated to taking care of all our existing clients and creating new ones.

We strive to form new vibrant ideas that facilitate the work of people in the industries we serve.
Our focus is on intelligent planning in the highest standards and continued commitment to perform well. This allows us to achieve our goals we set to accomplish them together.

Why Shop From Us

Engineering & Electronic Devices, Inc. began supplying small hand tools to the healthcare and electronic industries over 60 years ago in 1954. Today, EEDI is a manufacturer of tweezers, dispensers, and force gages that harnesses the great American enterprise focused on enabling businesses to engineer their way into the future as our partners.

We Deliver Genuine Products

As an EEDI partner, your company will experience excellent customer service, consistent, high quality product, and cost-effective solutions generated by our corporate stability and many years of service. We are excited to forge into the future with our new and existing partners and pursue the rich opportunities that lie ahead.

Our Clients